Le Salon RCUT est fermé pour cause de CONGES annuels jusqu'à mi-Août

Les livraisons des commandes ne pourront pas être assurées pendant cette période.

Cependant, le site reste ouvert et vous permet de choisir vos produits et de préparer votre panier.

Le paiement final n'est pas accessible.

Durant cette période, Le salon R-cut déménage au N° 8 de la Rue des Teissiers 34000 Montpellier.

Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes vacances.

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Trilliance Conditioner 250 ml Sebastian professional.


- 15%

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Tel : 04 67 66 45 58
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Article 11: personal data

11.1- The piece of information concerning the specific name information about Customers or Members are indispensable for the process and the delivery of orders.

They are confidential and will only be used by its internal services for order of process and to strengthen and personalize the communication in particular information letters / emails as well as within the framework of customizing the site according to preferences noticed by users. Customers and Members have the possibility to oppose without any expense, except those related to transmission of refusal, and in a simple way, to the use of their address and phone number and this, every time a message is sent to them. To do it, they just have to write to the following address: salon@rcut.fr

In any case, Customers and Members can always pass on a request to the above indicated address in order to stop receiving communication, without having to pay expenses related to this request.

  • The Web site is in compliance with the French and European legislations relative to private life protection and personal information and was declared to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés under the numberin progress
  • < li > According to the IT law and the liberties of January 6th, 1978 modified by the law 6th of August, 2004, the Customers and the Members have, at any time, a right to access, modify, rectifiate or delete personal informations concerning them.

To modify their personal information, Customers and Members can send an email to < has href = "mailto: salon@rcut.fr " > salon@rcut.fr < / has > < / p > < p> to cancel their account, Customers and Members can send an email to< has href = "mailto:salon@rcut.fr " > salon@rcut.fr < / has > < / p > < p> The Customers and the Members can also exercise a right of opposition.

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Biphase spray leave-in conditioner Vertual Keratin 200 ml

Biphase spray leave-in conditioner Vertual Keratin 200 ml


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