Le Salon RCUT est fermé pour cause de CONGES annuels jusqu'à mi-Août

Les livraisons des commandes ne pourront pas être assurées pendant cette période.

Cependant, le site reste ouvert et vous permet de choisir vos produits et de préparer votre panier.

Le paiement final n'est pas accessible.

Durant cette période, Le salon R-cut déménage au N° 8 de la Rue des Teissiers 34000 Montpellier.

Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes vacances.

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Hydre Treatment 500 ml Sebastian professional.


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Discover the Brazilian Hair Straightening kit to do at home Vertual with cashmere keratin and babassu oil. Formulated without parabens or formaldehyde, is a deep treatment, new generation with immediate rinsing.

The Brazilian Hair Straightening Vertual is a deep treatment with cashmere keratin.
It reconstructs the hair and shines the hair while lowering the volume and controlling curl gradually and sustainably.

Brazilian smoothing Vertual feeds, smooth and shine your hair intensely.

Your hair is so insensitive to moisture while remaining natural.
It is a most effective help for all types of styling and save time on your drying, brushing or plates to smooth ...

Our carefully smoothing is formulated without parabens and formaldehyde does not contain mineral oils derived from petrochemicals. but it was enriched with Babassu oil and d'wheat protein
The Brazilian smoothing Vertual is not tested on animals.
Made in France.

See more details on product page.

First commitment : Efficiency & high-end professional quality.

We use the best technology and the best active in the design of our products manufactured in France.

Brazilian Hair Straightening Vertual brings :
* Intense shine of the hair.
* A deep and lasting reconstruction of the hair fiber.
* Perfect smoothing hair.
* The total disappearance of frizz.
* Instant results and lasting minimum three months.
* A progressive and optimal smoothing over the applications.

Commitment No. 2 : Optimal compliance of the environment and people.

Care Vertual benefit from new technology of long-term preservation without parabens.
They contain no formaldehyde (formalin or formaldehyde release) or mineral oils derived from petrochemicals and are not tested on animals.

Commitment No. 3 : Some high quality natural ingredients.

* Keratin that we use in the composition of our products comes from the cashmere wool. This is the keratin, which is closest to that of humans.
* Wheat proteins for their moisturizing and restorative powers.
* Babassu oil (Orbignya Oleifera). Babassu oil is obtained by pressing seeds of the babassu nuts. It is very rich in vitamin E and has an exceptional antioxidant properties. Softening and protective properties of babassu help strengthen dry, brittle hair and restore vitality and shine to dull hair.
* Coumarin. Coumarin is a fragrant substance found naturally in Tonka beans.
* Citric acid. Natural organic acid (AHA), present in the lemon for example, oral, used to adjust the pH, it also has astringent properties.

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Repair & Shine Shampoo 1L Vertual Kératin

Repair & Shine Shampoo 1L Vertual Kératin


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